Our Major Products

Here are few list of our major products

Hydrocarbon Process Industries (HPI)

• Our manufacturing partner is specialized in the design, engineering and manufacturing of both fired and monolithic range of Super Refractory products for critical and demanding high temperature applications.
• The primary product lines in the monolithic range includes the Insulating Castables, Conventional Castables, Low Cement Castables, Self-flow Castables, Gunning Materials, Ramming Masses and Laying Mortars.
• The fired / Shaped range includes Insulating bricks, High alumina of various range, Mullite, Zircon, Silicon Carbide, Chrome and Nitride bonded Silicon Carbide, etc.

With these capabilities and above product range, we do offer for New refractory lining requirements, relining and shutdown repairs for Fired Heaters, Primary / Secondary Reformers, SRU equipment like Reaction Furnace, WHB, Reactors, Sulphur pits, etc.


Shapes and monolithic materials for Cyclones, Calciner, Smoke Chamber, Inlet, Nose Ring, Cooler and Kiln Hood linings.


All range of insulating / dense shapes and monolithic materials for Casthouse Melting / Holding Furnaces, Metal Transfer Crucibles and Iron Foundry Ladles.